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      Reducing our impact on the
      environment and pioneering
      sustainable ways...

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      Making it easy
      for you with these
      conversion tools...

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      Paper because

      Paper is good! Pass it on...
      Read about Domtar's
      "PAPER because" campaign

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      that matters

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      Ariva has an exceptional range and variety of printing, publishing and business papers for both sheet-fed and web printing. Whether you need coated or uncoated, text and cover or envelopes, premium or low cost, we have you covered.

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      Our digital printing expertise enables us to select best-of-breed substrates for any digital printing application or equipment. We've assembled a concise, focused set of digital products with proven performance — from coated and uncoated sheets and specialty papers to pressure sensitive, carbonless, films and synthetics.

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      The right packaging, janitorial and safety products are critical to the market success of your product, and the wellness and safety of your business. Count on Ariva for innovative solutions that get your products to market faster, minimize your total costs and drive profitable growth for your brand.

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      Ariva Wide Format is a "best-in-class" provider of sign & display print media for photo and art reproduction, point-of-sale advertising, display graphics, CAD, wall graphics, label, sign and banner printing, and more.

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      Canada's leading distributor of Printing Papers and Packaging Solutions.


      As you know, in our industry there are several calculations and measurements used to specify your orders, determine a required quantity or identify your preferences.

      But here at Ariva, we don't want you to waste time trying to figure out the correct computations on your own! Our quick and easy online resource calculator lets you plug in the numbers you do know and then gives you the numbers you need to know.

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      At Ariva, we work hard to make your life easier. Our commitment to best-in-class paper and packaging consulting service has earned us a solid reputation of reliability and integrity.

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